True voice recorder is very easy to use recording app. It allow users to record audios seamlessly without the limit of time. This app is useful for people of every profession, college/university students, singers. You can record meetings, lectures, memos, songs and much more.

How to record?

Follow below mentioned steps to prepare recorder for audio recording.

  1. Choose format of your choice.
  2. Choose number of audio recording channel i.e., Mono or Stereo.
  3. Choose bitrate of your choice. Please note that wav format doesn’t support bitrate settings.
  4. Increase/Decrease audio gain level
  5. Press record button to start recording.
    • If you are using app for the first time, app will show permissions dialog. Grant all permissions to start record. Otherwise app will not start recording.
  6. You can pause/resume your current recording.
  7. Show current recording state, i.e., Recording/ Paused/ Ready to Start.
  8. Show current recording time length.
  9. Real time graph that show the current audio density.
  10. Stop recording.

Congrats, You are all set.

App Download Link

If you don’t have the app, download it from play store using the link below.

Get it on Google Play