True Voice Recorder is a voice/audio recording app in which you can record lectures, meetings, memos, music etc. without the limit of time. It’s easy to use user interface is useful for users of all ages. This app is useful for persons of every profession like journalists, businessmen, field engineers, students etc.

True Voice Recorder supports audio recording using bluetooth mic/headset. So you just have to connect your bluetooth mic/headset with your phone and app will manage all the other things.

Before Recording…

Recording from bluetooth mic/headset is available in pro version only. If you don’t have pro version and don’t know how to upgrade, Open the following post and read about the pro version of True Voice Recorder.

How to Record?

It’s a very simple process to record audio from bluetooth mic/headset using true voice recorder. Below steps will tell you how to record audio using bluetooth mic/headset.

  1. Open menu by pressing top left navigation item.
  2. Tap on the bluetooth settings.
    • It will open the bluetooth settings screen.
  3. Make sure “Prefer Bluetooth Mic/Headset” is enable. Otherwise true voice recorder will continue to record audio from phone mic.
  4. Make sure your phone is connected to the bluetooth headset/mic. Press in-app bluetooth button to turn bluetooth on/off.
    • If bluetooth is off, then app will show bluetooth off icon.
    • If bluetooth is on, then app will show bluetooth on icon.
    • If phone is connected with bluetooth headset, then app will show headset connected icon.
  5. You are all set, now you can start recording by press record button.

Note: If you start a recording before connecting a bluetooth mic/headset, then you have to stop and record again after bluetooth headset/mic connected. Otherwise your already started recording will continue on phone mic.

App Download Link:

If you don’t have the app, download it from play store using the link.

Get it on Google Play