With high-quality audio, noise cancellation and long-lasting battery, AirPods are the Holy Grail of wireless audio technology. Apple introduced the AirPods in 2016 alongside iPhone 7, when they decided to drop the traditional headphone jack to make wireless audio a new standard.

Some technical Info. If you want to read

AirPods features a built-in microphone for taking phone calls and digital assistant. Additionally, built-in optical sensors and accelerometer, allow performing multiple actions like double-tap for attending phone calls and pausing audio, in-ear placement and turning noise cancellation on and off. Each AirPod weighs 4 grams and contains a 93-milliwatt hour battery in its stem which lasts for 5 hours, and 15 minutes of charging gives three-hour battery life. The charging case contains a 1.5 watt-hour battery which provides 24 hours of total usage which takes 2 hours to fully charge with dead AirPods in it.

AirPods with Android

AirPods works with almost any android smartphone but pairing with the device needs few extra steps as compared to pairing with iPhone but playback controls work fine. Third-party apps like AirBattery can be installed on android just like the iPhone and iPad for the battery life of pods.

Pair AirPods an Android device

Pairing AirPods with an Android phone is not fancy, as it with an iPhone which gives a popup when the case is opened and pair automatically. AirPods must be added as a device like traditional Bluetooth pairing.

  1. Open up the Bluetooth settings by long press on the Bluetooth icon in the quick setting panel.
  2. Select Add new device.
  3. Open lid of charging case with AirPods inside it.
  4. Press and hold the small button at the back of the charging case until the indicator light starts blinking.
  5. Now AirPods will show in the pairing menu, select the device.

With the AirPods connected to a device, it will work like any other Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. It will auto-connect when taken out of the case and disconnect when putting back in the case.

If Android device supports reverse wireless charging the AirPods can be charge at the back of your smartphone or through any Qi-certified chargers or the Lightning connector.

What will you miss?

You can still turn on and off the noise cancellation feature with a long squeeze on either stem. One of the features missing, while using on android is auto-pause and resume when you take out an AirPod and put it back in the ear. Additionally, on Android devices, you can’t trigger Google Assistant by double tap like Siri on iPhone.

Voice recording Apps

Air pods do work with our App True Voice recorder. If you want to try the steps on this tutorial.