About Us

Our History

Tirich Labs was established in 2013 with the goal of making things better for business owners. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, the Tirich team has grown to include experts in mobile app development, in leveraging the power of the internet, in creating essential systems, and in providing support for our most valuable assets – our teams.

Tirich Labs began with a vision, some expertise, and a willingness to work hard to make more possible for business owners. After six years, we’ve grown to become a reliable developer and trusted team-member for businesses all over the world. At Tirich Labs, we have over 6 years of experience in:

  • Mobile app development
  • Leveraging the Internet of Things
  • Developing hardware and providing embedded systems solutions

Our Mission

At Tirich Labs, our team works to provide our clients with the best in support to meet their business goals by leveraging technology. In an age where digital markets thrive and technology changes so rapidly, Tirich Labs team can help you to manage and develop some of the essential facets of your business.

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